Assured Performance Certification C.O.R.E.* Requirements: *Collision Operation Repair Essentials

General Business Requirements

  1. In business for a minimum of (5) years or verifiable credit rating and service history
  2. Have current Garage Keepers liability insurance with a minimum of $1 Million policy limit
  3. No felony convictions by ownership or management
  4. A preferred rental car provider or complimentary customer transportation
  5. Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSI) service that is measured by a third-party service provider
  6. A Limited Lifetime Warranty on completed repairs
  7. A current subscription or use-access to OEM repair procedures for all applicable year, make, model vehicles to be repaired
  8. The capability to provide complete repair documentation with corresponding proof of compliance to OEM repair procedures where applicable and all historical information is safeguarded electronically
  9. A data-driven estimating system with Assured Performance dataMANAGER connected for reporting
  10. A pre-delivery cleaning process for all vehicle interiors and exteriors
  11. An adequately maintained customer parking area that is well-lit
  12. A clean & well-maintained customer reception, waiting and estimating area with convenient customer restrooms
  13. Adequately illuminated work areas for repairing, refinishing and detailing vehicles including inside of spraybooth

Tool & Equipment Requirements

(These requirements are all subject to the year, make, and model of the vehicle being repaired)
  1. An electronic 3D measuring system for structural diagnostics, correction, and documentation
  2. Current data subscription for three-dimensional measuring system
  3. A frame rack or bench system capable of producing body and structural pulls
  4. 4 Point vehicle anchoring or fixturing capability for cars and light trucks
  5. 220v 3-Phase, Inverter-Type Squeeze-type Resistance Spot Welder (or equivalent) capable of producing a minimum of 600 lbf (270 daN) of clamping force and 10,000 amps of current at the electrodes
  6. 220v (208-240) GMAW MAG Welder for Steel with 140 Amp or greater output (180 Amp preferred)
  7. 220v (208-240) Silicon Bronze GMAW for MIG Brazing Pulse capable MIG w/Synergic Adjustment & non-pulse setting with 200 Amp output capability
  8. R134a and R1234yf refrigerant recovery/recycling system or proof of qualified sublet A/C service provider
  9. Above ground lift with a lift capability of at least 7000 lbs
  10. Capability to perform and verify four-wheel alignment either in-house or through a sublet provider
  11. The capability to remove, replace, and reinstall steering and suspension components, as well as engine and drive train units (inhouse or through a qualified sublet)
  12. Perform pre and post repair diagnostic vehicle scans on all vehicles as required by the vehicle manufacturer and retain proof of ALL post repair diagnostic scan results and calibrations performed as required by vehicle manufacturer
  13. OEM approved refinishing system
  14. A spray enclosure (paint booth) with forced drying capabilities
  15. Pressure-feed corrosion protection material application equipment with wand attachments for applying anti-corrosion materials inside body cavities with a 360-degree spray pattern
  16. Celette SEVENNE fixture bench (GT-R only)

Tool & Equipment Requirements - Aluminum & Advanced Materials

(The following are optional tools and equipment only required for specialized Certification programs for the repair of Aluminum and other Advanced Materials)
  1. A work separation system that isolates aluminum vehicles from vehicles undergoing steel repairs – separation can be a separate room or curtain system
  2. A designated set of hand/special tools specifically for aluminum vehicles to prevent from cross contamination with steel body vehicles. May be subject to specific manufacturer requirements
  3. 220v (208-240) GMAW MIG Welder for Aluminum – Pulse capable MIG w/Synergic Adjustment
  4. A dent extraction system specifically designed for aluminum that contains an aluminum stud welder, heat gun, pyrometer, aluminum hammers, and dent extraction system
  5. An Immersion-Type, Wet Mix dust extraction system or pneumatic (air operated) vacuum system dedicated to aluminum dust
  6. Self-Piercing Rivet gun with mandrel that meets manufacturer requirements
  7. Dye Penetrant kit for detecting fractures to aluminum

Technical Training Requirements

  1. Completed skills inventory with an in-shop skills audit or assessment illustrating commensurate skills in all technical repair roles, or ASE Blue Seal, or I-CAR Gold Class
  2. Proof of training or certification in silicon-bronze MIG brazing
  3. Certificate of EPA Section 609 compliance for refrigerant recovery
  4. Proof of training to operate the three-dimensional measuring equipment being utilized
  5. Proof of product training from the OEM approved paint manufacturer being utilized

Additional Nissan Technical Training Requirements

  1. NI001E01 – Nissan Safety Shield Technologies through I-CAR must be attended by two (2) technicians
  2. NI002E01 – Nissan Repair Considerations through I-CAR must be attended by two (2) technicians
  3. NI003E01 – INFINITI Repair Considerations through I-CAR must be attended by two (2) technicians
  4. Nissan Collision Estimating Essentials course must be attended by one (1) individual
  5. NI004E01 – Nissan GT-R through I-CAR must be attended by one (1) technician
  6. NI005E01 – Nissan GT-R Diagnostics through I-CAR must be attended by one (1) technician
  7. NI006E01 – Nissan GT-R Repair Considerations through I-CAR must be attended by one (1) technician

Aluminum Technical Training Requirements

  1. Aluminum (MIG) Welding Certification from recognized source functionally equivalent or greater to I-CAR WCA03
  2. Aluminum Structural Repair from recognized source functionally equivalent to:
    • I-CAR FOR06 – 2015 Ford F-150 Structural Repair Training Course (for Ford only)
    • I-CAR FO007E01 – 2018 Expedition and Navigator Aluminum Body Repair by two (2) technicians
  3. Aluminum Certification from recognized source functionally equivalent or greater to Ford, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porche, etc

Future Additional Requirements

(6 - 12 Month Timeline for Adoption)
  1. A paint mil gauge for measuring paint thickness on plastic substrates
  2. A paint mil gauge for ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates
  3. A welding station for making practice and test welds with vice and caliper for destructive testing
  4. FCA Training Requirements (TBA)
  5. Capability to provide “Certified Repair” based upon RepairDOC, proof of OEM repair procedures use where applicable, parts usage and trained technician performing the repair
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*All equipment, capabilities and training required must meet published Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications for the year, make and model of the vehicle being repaired, these same requirements shall also apply to any sublet providers for operations performed. Current revisions of these requirements are available online at: or with the auto manufacturer of record and are subject to change at any time. Assured Performance does not set prices, offer concessions or raise or lower prices charged for collision repair services in any manner