About Assured Performance Network

Assured Performance Auto and Collision Care is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization and official Certifying Entity 501 (c)(6) for the automotive collision repair industry and the insurance (APD) auto physical damage industry. Assured Performance is the Certified Network Administrator for several of the top auto manufacturers in the US and Canada, comprising over 65% of the market participating market for OEM Certification. As such, Assured Performance is tasked with establishing auto repair business standards based upon bona fide collision repair business operating requirements including tools, equipment, training, facility modifications requirements and adherence to repair procedures with documentation and record-keeping that may serve as a basis for a "Certified Repair." Standards are directly based upon published Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications and related information. All Assured Performance Standards are bona fide, objective, published and made publically available. These standards are widely accepted as the collision industry standard and utilized by the collision industry at large.